Donna Brazile sends debate questions to Clinton Campaign

Donna Brazile sends debate questions to Clinton Campaign
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Respected journalist Donna Brazile has, it seems, betrayed the trust of her colleagues at CNN, and the American People, by e-mailing a debate question to the Clinton campaign before a debate in March, and promising to send more. This bombshell was discovered in a Wikileaks hack. CNN is greatly concerned about the incident, and has cancelled her contract as a contributor to the news organization. In July her contract had been suspended temporarily, after she was appointed Interim DNC Chair, which was a great honor, but this separation is a complete severing of ties that doesn’t reflect well on the journalist.

Brazile’s apparent actions are extremely troubling to those concerned about the quality and integrity of journalism, and our political process. After all, journalism, and our political system, are only as good as the people, the journalists, politicians and administrators, who comprise the system and get the work done. Of course, let’s not be naive. Political antics, and abuses by journalists, have been happening for a long time. But in a landmark election like this one, the American people deserve better, especially from the very best and brightest. And Donna Brazile has been of CNN’s leading, and most respected, contributors.

This revelation certainly doesn’t help Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which has been dogged by concerns over the candidate’s integrity, and the legality of her practices. And it follows the FBI Director’s letter to congress, in which he informs top law-makers that the Bureau is reopening the Clinton e-mail investigation. All of this comes as welcome relief to Donald Trump, struggling for weeks now with his own scandal in the media regarding his atrocious treatment of women.

The election is now very close. Polls indicate that only a few percentage points separate the two candidates in the popular vote, and often by an amount within the margin of error. So will recent news flashes, like the Donna Brazile controversy, win Donald Trump the White House? It’s still a tough hall for the Republican Nominee. Clinton leads in the delegate count, so Trump will need to perform superlatively on November 8th to turn that lead around. It’s still possible, but a very challenging tasks, and unlikely. For now, the real estate mogul who doesn’t like to lose is still the underdog in this race. But the Clinton Campaign needs to avoid any hint of wrongdoing or scandal for the next week. Her campaign can’t afford more dark revelations like this latest Wikileaks release.

Learn more about Donna Brazile’s alleged ethical breach (CNN)



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