Watch Second Clinton-Trump Debate, Streaming Live: Sunday, October, 9, 2016

Watch Second Clinton-Trump Debate, Streaming Live: Sunday, October, 8, 2016
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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will square off for their second debate Sunday evening, October 9, 2016. The pre-coverage starts at 7 pm, ET and the debate at 9 pm, ET.

And there could be fireworks: The Town Hall Format event will proceed following the recent release of a video showing Donald Trump speaking about a married woman in a derogatory and predatory manner. The republican presidential candidate has lost a number of prominent political endorsements, and many in the GOP and beyond are calling for his resignation.

These revelations may be a gift to the Clinton campaign, and Trump must perform superlatively well in order to salvage his chances in November. Will he be up to the task, or has he gifted Hillary Clinton with an easy win? Watch the live streaming Presidential Debate to find out.

Here’s a view about this Trump scandal, and the election, from Gill, a long-standing Face Activities member:

This Trump sex scandal is irrelevant to the current election, and it’s a hurtful diversion for the American people at a critical time. His words, recorded during a private conversation, were spoken 11 years ago, back when he wasn’t a political candidate, and had never held public office. He was a private citizen, and a business man with a TV show—-that’s all. His inappropriate words from 2005 aren’t important or relevant to this election in 2016. But issues like tax reform are critically important.

Both Clinton and Trump are extremists, and we must focus on their current stands on important issues to make our decision this November. Trump will have us paying too little in taxes, especially the wealthy, hurting our important programs, and Clinton far too much, driving business interests over seas. We need a happy medium, and much discussion, debate and focus is necessary to select the best candidate to achieve this outcome.

Let’s drop the diverting sex sandal hype and focus on what’s important to the well being of the U.S. Economy, and the American People.




Photo: CBSN / CBS News

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