Machine extracts drinkable water from air

Machine extracts drinkable water from air
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There are many places in the world with limited access to clean, safe drinking water, and energy. A new invention will help people in these challenged regions collect drinkable water, while minimizing the energy required to achieve that goal. An Israeli company named Water-Gen has designed a machine that uses the principle of condensation to extract drinking water from the atmosphere, using very little energy in the process.

This kind of innovation is extremely important for the long-term benefit of humanity. Currently many heavily populated regions are challenged by resource scarcity and economic hardship. This invention will help people in these regions to survive, and perhaps prosper, even with limited resources. Such technologies may make a crucial difference right now, and as the world-wide effects of climate change take hold in the coming decades, they may become increasingly important.


“When kids learn about the planet’s water cycle, they’re taught a simple concept: our atmosphere is filled with water vapour that has evaporated from the bodies of liquid water we see around us. When the vapour’s temperature gets low enough, it gets turned back into water.

The presence of that vapour becomes especially apparent in the summer when droplets collect on glasses of ice water and air conditioning units drip onto unsuspecting passersby…” (Science Alert)

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Photo: Water-Gen / Science Alert

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