Does our technology makes us feel busy all the time

Technology and stress
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Stress is a big health risk, and a bane to quality of life. Unfortunately, we feel more rushed and, and stressed now than ever before. Technology appears to be the culprit. Will our employers give us a break, or will they expect us to be always on and ready for work, since our devices keep us so well connected? Will we have the foresight and strength of character to limit the use of technologies, like smart phones, that keep us alert and engaged long past the time of day when we should be so revved up?  And just what are acceptable levels of technology-induced stress?


“Not having enough hours in the day seems like a problem that most of us are struggling with these days, but are we actually getting busier, or just feelingbusier?

The leading hypotheses suggests that it’s a change in lifestyle, rather than extra working hours, that’s to blame. After all, many studies and reports say that the majority of us are working fewer hours than we used to, and taking more holidays too… So what’s going on…” (

Learn more about why we feel so busy all the time (


Photo: by Duncan Harris from Nottingham, UK – Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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