Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary’s new running mate

Ted Kaine, Democratic VP Pick
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Hillary Clinton has chosen Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, as her running mate. The 58-year-old Senator hails from working class mid-western roots. An excellent student, he eventually attended Harvard Law School.

He was the former Governor, and Lt. Governor, of Virginia, as well as a Mayor, City Councilor, and Civil Right’s attorney. Kaine has a solid liberal voting record in the Senate, but he’s considered a political moderate who could help bring independents and moderate republicans¬†to the table.

Kaine is fluent in Spanish, and spent time in Honduras as a missionary. He’s a practicing Catholic who, like the late Ted Kennedy, supports abortion rights. He’s also the first Senator to give a complete speech in Spanish to the Senate, and he recently addressed an audience in Spanish while campaigning with Clinton. Hispanic voters are a major voting demographic that’s key to winning the 2016 Presidential election.

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