The RNC’s Last Day, and Trump’s Speech

Donald Trump needs better advisors
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The last day of the Republican National Convention ended with an impassioned call for Law and Order by Donald Trump, who repeated the phrase numerous times during his forceful presentation. Though the RNC crowd lapped it up, many pundits felt the tone of the speech was too dark, and far removed from the positivity of Ronald Reagan’s “It’s morning in America” rhetoric that became an anthem of the conservative movement for generations. Trump did depart from some mainstay RNC traditions. He didn’t talk about God or the importance of faith in his life, which is typically a must in Republican circles, according to CNN commentators.

And in an unusual move for a Republican Presidential Nominee, he swore to protect LGBTQ people from terrorist attacks, like the Orlando nightclub shootings. And the crowd applauded, which Trump noticed and pointed out happily. It’s important to note, as did Anderson Cooper, that Trump only promised protection from terrorism, but said nothing about protecting marriage equality and other civil rights important to gay people in America.

An earlier speaker that night, Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel, announced that he was proud to be gay, which was a truly history-making event. Thiel also delivered an impassioned speech on Trump’s behalf, but it was riddled with some uncomfortable half truths, like blaming the current chaos in the middle east on Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration while completely ignoring the ill-fated invasion of Iraq prosecuted by George W. Bush and his cabinet, which contributed significantly to the destabilization of the region.

Over all, Trump played the fear card in his speech, stressing at the start how he wasn’t going to cave into PC culture and white wash the truth. He then proceeded to paint a fairly bleak portrait of the state of the nation, emphasizing terrorism, urban crime and blight, the murders of police officers in Dallas, inequality and unfair treatment of citizens, and the many challenges of a slow economy. With great enthusiasm he pointed out numerous problems with the country, and then declared that he’d fix them if elected to the Presidency, but he didn’t explain how he’d make these changes. Trump focused a great deal on crime, even though FBI statistics indicate crime has steadily declined for years.

Perhaps the real star of the night was Ivanka Trump, who spoke before her father, and introduced him to the convention hall. She was beautiful, articulate and poised during her speech heart-felt speech. She delivered a really strong case for her father’s candidacy, mixing her confidence in his business abilities and work ethic with loving memories of her time with him, growing up. She mentioned playing with erector sets in his office, while he worked to rebuild the New York skyline. And she told the convention delegates about the drawings of buildings he’d make for her, notated with the words “I can’t wait for you to grow up so you can help me build them.”

Ivanka also went to great lengths to bolster Trump’s lack-luster standing among young women. According to Ivanka, Trump employs women consistently, hired women when it wasn’t popular to do so, values the contributions of women to the work place, pays women equally to men, and supports pregnant women via progressive company policies.

Ivanka is typical of her siblings, who are all charismatic and talented speakers, fiercely loyal and supportive of their father, and clearly the best campaign assets the Republican nominee has to offer.

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Photo: CNN (screen capture)

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