Congressional Gun Control Sit-in: Live Stream

Gun Control Sit-In - US Capitol, Day Light
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The management team of Face Activities supports the sincere efforts of the Democratic members of Congress to promote gun control, including their sit-in to call for a vote on banning gun sales to those on the No Fly List (people under investigation for possible connections to terrorism.)

In the U.S. Congress, Democrats and Progressives are demanding gun-control reforms following the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, while conservative law-makers are stonewalling in an effort to maintain the status quo. Currently Democrats have staged a sit-in on the floor of the House. They want Congress to pass a Bill that would ban the sale of guns to people on the Government’s Terrorism Watch List.

UPDATE: The House Democrats have just announced that they are ending their sit-in, and will resume gun control efforts after the July 4th recess. Face Activities continues to support all ongoing efforts to pass sensible gun control measures in the U.S. Congress.

Photo: Kevin McCoy (GNU Free Documentation License)

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