Mobile marketing essential to Millennials

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Millennials didn’t really matter to most businesses 10 years ago, but now it seems they have become the base of most company’s sales. As they are getting older, they are starting to make up a larger portion of the economy, and missing out on sales to Millennials means you might be missing out on selling to a huge audience of people who are willing to spend. Here are some things to know about them if you are going to get them to buy your products or services.

No brand loyalty

It is important to note that Millennials aren’t very loyal to any particular brand. They are willing to try new things and will pick whatever they want based on whatever is most important in their situation. Because of their lack of loyalty, there is a huge market for stealing customers, but it also means customers can easily be stolen from you. One really great way to keep Millennials loyal is through texting. You can text them with deals or updated information, and they will text you when they have questions about your company. At the very least, getting a couple of texts a month from you will reminder Millennials that you are still here and still care about them.

Mobile is boss

With a full generation of people who were raised on technology and smartphones, Millennials have no problem navigating through the internet to find exactly what they want. According to Business 2 Community, 57% of Millennials say they have no problem buying stuff on their smartphone, which means your mobile marketing needs to be very advanced if marketing towards this specific group of people. The whole process should be possible on mobile starting with marketing and advertisements to a mobile website to checking out and processing payments. Adding a PayPal option for paying is a great way for Millennials to trust you are giving them a valuable product and to make payment processing easier for them. They would rather quickly type in a PayPal password than try to spend time pulling out their credit cards and putting in the information to check out.

Not a lot of patience

One example of this is with PayPal where they are unwilling to pull out their credit cards to input information and would rather use a fast checkout system. Millennials have had the world at their fingertips for as long as they can remember and want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Your checkout process should be very streamlined and easy to navigate. One bit of confusion, and they will just go to someone else for their services. Another example is with websites. When looking for something on Google, they will only really review the first few lines of options, and they would never consider going to the 2nd page. Your search rankings (which are now being determined in part by how well your mobile website works) are essential to making sure you are found, so work hard to keep your site on top and keep everything as simple as possible.

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